14 day Professional

Chocolate Making Course

(Pre-requisite:  4 Day Chocolate Immersion Retreat or Culinary School Certificate)


Cost:  $3400 per person plus accommodations & transportation & some tour/activity fees

Time invested: 60 hours Classroom & Lab (12 days)

What you will learn:

Basics:  History of Cacao, Benefits of Cacao,  Cultivation & Fermentation processes,  Bean to Bar Process, Flavoring chocolate, Tempering & Molding,  (bars, bon-bons, truffles, & enrobing,) basic kitchen “good practices” for chocolate, packaging ideas,  Tastings & Pairings, Cacao Cuisine, Chocolate Spa, and Trouble-shooting,


*(extra-fee)Business Plan Intensive for potential business ideas available  $300

*(extra-fee)Social Media Intensive for potential business ideas $125

Additional activities include:  Yoga, Tai Chi, Local tours and activities, Chocolate Spa & Massage, Tasting & Pairing with wines or micro-brew beers, Gourmet Cacao Themed cuisine, Horseback riding, Waterfall hiking, Butterfly gardens, Warm Springs Soak, Pool & Jacuzzi, Live Music, Chocolate Themed films, and more…

"Helping People Feel Good"

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